Amanda Slevin

Dr Amanda Slevin is a sociologist, educator and community activist from Co. Donegal. With a professional background in adult and community education, community development, and youth work, Amanda has worked in higher education since 2009. Amanda’s interests in Irish society are reflected in her academic studies in community development, adult and community education, and sociology.

Author of Gas, oil and the Irish state: Understanding the dynamics and conflicts of hydrocarbon management (Manchester University Press), Amanda became interested in Irish gas and oil when the Rossport Five were jailed in 2005. For the past 11 years Amanda has contributed to public debate on Ireland’s natural resources as an activist and academic with her Irish Research Council funded PhD research forming the basis of Gas, oil and the Irish state. Amanda currently works as Pedagogy Lead with An Cosán Virtual Community College and delivers occasional lectures in the School of Sociology, University College Dublin.

Amanda is honoured and delighted to launch Gas, oil and the Irish state in her home county with His Excellency Roald Naess (Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland) and Fr Kevin O’Hara (Founder of the Centre for Social and Corporate Responsibility, Nigeria) - two people who have made significant contributions to understandings of hydrocarbon management in Ireland and further afield.

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