Fr Kevin O'Hara

Profile : Fr. Kevin O’Hara. SPS (St. Patrick’s Society)

Ordained June 1980. Married Thomas and Marie Slevin [Amanda's parents] in Letterkenny Cathedral 1980.

Arrived Nigeria Sept 1980. Established Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre, Eastern Nigeria.

Jan 1990. A witness to the massacre of eighty villagers including the traditional ruler and his son, the minister of a Christian church , men, women and children in Umuechem community in the Niger Delta by Mobile police. Shell Nigeria requested the mobile police force to put down the protests by the host community who were angry about the impact of gas flaring and negative impacts by the operations of the company for over twenty years. No one was ever held accountable and Shell have never apologized for their role in this massacre.

Established The Centre for Social and Corporate Responsibility in 2000 to address the practices of oil majors in the Niger Delta. Linked to shareholder groups in Europe and USA.

Established Stakeholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability to monitor Shell Nigeria’s Integrated Oil and Gas gathering project in the Niger Delta. 2012

2015. Produced a two year report on Shell’s Global Memorandum of Understanding with communities in the Delta.

Presently investigating the sale of Shell assets (Oil mining license/oil blocks) to Nigerian companies headed up by former Shell staff.

June 2016. Monitored impacted host communities in Congo Brazzaville.

August 4th 2016, the privilege of launching Amanda’s book as a guest Speaker.

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